Yoga for the women…

Anul lansării: 2017
Pagini: 320
ISBN: 978-606-93793-0-1

In case you are filled with curiosity, this book is a mini-guide inviting you to practice the millenary exercises of the Hatha Yoga system and advising you to do so with balance and a necessary discipline, in order to consequently discover many beneficial results that will astonish you. If you will put into practice the simple techniques that are presented here, in an attentive, lucid and persevering way, you will shortly after feel the beneficial effects that will appear without delay.

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Aida Călin

Aida Călin

The practice of the Hatha Yoga system totally transforms your perspective of the world and reveals to you the hidden aspects of reality. It will unveil for you a new spiritual path that can help women discover and know themselves in order to understand their own mission in life and to harmonize themselves on multiple levels of their being.

The practice of the Hatha Yoga system means more than self-knowledge, it also means a gradual transformation. Among other things, it means the strong and constant aspiration to blossom spiritually and to discover in an effective way our Godly essence (the Supreme Immortal Self Atman).

All beings are more or less thirsty for freedom. Each of us aspire to rejoice not only in the bodily beauty, but also in that beauty transcending all physical limits.

We all wish more or less to be good, and each of us aspire to perfect ourselves. Some of us even aspire to become one with God. Few human beings know that such a longing actually reveals an intense, profound search to discover our fundamental Godly roots.

The advanced practitioners of the Hatha Yoga system have stated since thousands of years ago that only the return to the essence through the revealing of one’s Supreme Consciousness (the Supreme Immortal Self Atman) brings a complete fulfillment both of the consciousness and of the soul, thus reaching the state of perfection that every one of us aspires to and awakening it inside the human being’s universe.